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Ergosan Memory Foam

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A Memory Foam mattress, with a removable cover

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280,00 € tax incl.

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Being a polyurethane Memory Foam mattress, it is both rigid and comforting. It is made of a heat-sustainable material, it feels the body weight and its temperature, and so it sustains the body perfectly thanks to the personal information it detects from every individual.

This revolutionary product is the perfect material for 21st century mattress. The Foam had originally been developed for a NASA space program, in order to eliminate all cause of pressure of the astronauts.

At a normal temperature, the shape of the mattress stays the same. When you use it, though, it models itself on the shape of your body. The weight is evenly distributed, all pressure is eased, so you are always guaranteed a pleasant and regular sleep.

Its open-cells structure creates a remarkable airflow, which limits the risk of condensation. Its characteristic composition makes it a nonallergenic, bacteria-proof and mite-proof material.

The five differentiated carrying capacity zones allow a more specific support, and they keep the body in an ergonomically correct position.

Total height: 22 cm.