Product quality


To better sleep at night.

Latexcel is a variety of latice. It's ergonomic and perfectly adaptable to the shape of the human body. It's a very elastic, flexible and resilient material. It's a material of high-quality; it is antiallergic, antibacterical and anti-mould. To rest on a latice mattress gives a sensation of pleasure, comfort and relaxiation. It's a product of excellent quality, expecially suitable for people have asthma and allergy.



It is an elastic material with a particular structure to a good rest. Memory is a material adaptable to the shape of the human body: it is as good as new (in its original shape). So you can find a good position for your back and your body. It represents a good solution for: swelling, pain, pain in the joins, pain in the back and cramps.



It is a spring mattress. It is an excellent crush-proof material, ergonomic and anti-mould to a good rest. So his features are: spring-structure, strength and comfort.